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Want to link your Android Phone to your PC directly? You can get help from the Phone Companion application. The Phone Companion connects your phone and PC & reduces the hassle of using both PC and phones. You can perform all activities like Calls, Notifications,Photos, and Access apps, etc. Phone Companion is Microsoft Corporation developed product to improve the connectivity between Microsoft PCs or Laptops and Android Phones. This process can be done through

Requirements to Download Microsoft Your Phone Companion App

Your PC needs to fulfill certain requirements to connect the PC and Smartphones. Here are the requirements needed to download the Phone Companion App:

  • You are having Windows 10 or Operating System
  • It’s only compatible with Android Phones with 4.4 + versions
  • A high-speed Internet Connection to link via
  • Now, you can Download & Install the Microsoft Your Phone Companion App.

Know How to Login to Phone Companion App via

You can follow the below mentioned steps to successfully log in and link your PC and Android Phone through Visit the link URL from your browser.
  • Download the Your Phone Companion App from the Google Play Store or Link to Windows App on Samsung SmartPhones.
  • A pop-up will appear requesting you to connect the App to your PC.
  • Click on the get started.
  • Enter your email ID
  • Either Choose “Use a QR Code”.
  • Or choose “Create Pin Code”.
  • Enter your mobile number and tap on Next.
  • Enter the OTP into the app to establish the link.

Want to Access Your Pin?

If you have lost your pin of The Microsoft Your Phone Companion App, you can regenerate pin code by visiting the link If your code is not yet generated, then you can follow the below mentioned steps to generate a new pin code.

  • Open the settings menu on your PC.
  • Goto your Microsoft account.
  • Enter the password and click submit.
  • Now, Choose the Windows Hello Pin Button.
  • Select the forgot pin.
  • Provide your mobile number and & the OTP received.
  • Enter your password and choose next.
  • This will generate a new pin that you can use to link the devices.

Know How to Set Up Calls in Phone Companion App?

To set up the call feature on the phone companion app, follow the below steps as it is:

  • Open the app on your PC.
  • Choose the Calls option in the menu.
  • Provide permission on your android phone.
  • Allow all features and you can now answer calls from your PC.

To access all other features like Notifications, photos, applications you can repeat the procedure like please visit the application. Select the relevant option and authorize on your mobile. You are now done!

Features of Microsoft Your Phone Companion App:

Why link your phone to Windows 10? That’s because it offers many benefits such as:
  • You can access Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, etc. directly on your phone.
  • Send & receive instant messages from your desktop.
  • Copy & paste content between devices.
  • Transfer Files easily.
  • Access photos on your PC.
  • Get your android notifications on the desktop.
  • Answer the calls directly from your PC.